You have chosen perfect local event location, now is when the fun of planning the look and feel of your event space begins.

With so many ideas swirling into your head, it can be easy to wonder how you can transfer that picture perfect pinterest board you created into the reality of your event. Here we offer a few tips on how to make the event venue that you chose look like a dream come true.

  1. Deciding the Event Objective – If your event is a personal one, it is important that the people who are being honored or celebrated during the event are kept in mind throughout the entire process. It can be easy as a bride or groom to be for you to become overly concerned about what others will think about your theme or decor. Relax and remember that this is your special day. If you are planning an anniversary party, take into consideration the tastes of those who you are celebrating and make sure that the event is about what they like, not what others may want them to like. A corporate event may promote teamwork, or may be looking to stimulate company growth and sales. Each objective will have a different specific type of decor that will help bring the event atmosphere to what it should be at. Knowing and keeping your event objective at the forefront of conversations and ideas will also help you and any coordinators or vendors to remain focused on a main goal, thus bringing an overall cohesiveness among various vendors.
  2. Color is everything (almost) – Color can influence the look, feel and energy of your event’s atmosphere, so select the right palette for your personality, audience and message. Choosing it early in the planning process can help avoid confusion. If you’re apprehensive about going over the top with a color theme, hiring a professional can always help fine tune the design of your atmosphere and give you the confidence that your guests will be wowed when they enter the event space.
  3. Opt for Unconventional Seating – Depending on the type of event, you may opt to stray away from traditional rows or circle tables, or you may choose to do a mixture of hi-top and round tables to allow for both small and large groups to sit together. Placing the hi-tops in places where visibility may be a concern can also make sure that all of your guests get a good view. Renting lounge seating, couches, ottomans or comfortable chairs can encourage guests to enjoy conversation but can also provide more comfort for longer events that require the attendees to remain seated for lectures or meetings. If you suspect that guests may stay longer than you desire, you may opt for a more structured and not quite as cozy seating arrangement so guests are less tempted to hang around for hours on end after your main objective for the event is over.
  4. Try Unique Centerpieces – Aside from flowers, centerpieces made from alternative materials can be a fun way to create visual appeal and break up the monotony of the typical event environment. If you are providing goodies for your event guests, you may choose to incorporate them into your centerpieces or tablescapes. Colorful candies and/or snacks placed in clear containers are just one idea of how to incorporate your guests take home treats with your event decor.
  5. Just Right Light – It’s no secret that great lighting sets the overall mood for your event space. There is all types of lighting available, from battery operated to programmable, and everything in between. Often times renting lighting may prove to be more affordable than purchasing it for just a single event. Having some of your lighting timed or easily adjustable can allow you to control the mood throughout the event. For example a reception dinner may choose to have brighter lighting while guests eat their main meal, and the dim the lights once drinks and or dancing commence. Adjustable lighting is one way to control the overall mood throughout the event!

Located just a short drive from Longview, TX, El Cerrito Lodge provides ample room, great views, and the perfect setting for you to create the event of your dreams. Give us a call today for a free tour at (903) 431-1672.

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